Flight Simulator

We have created a range of Flight Simulation Hardware that replicates Avionics found in General Aviation Aircraft. We know that it is important to create a realistic environment for flight training for that reason our Hardware interfaces with the best flight simulator software available and provides a realistic interface. Our systems are based on dedicated micro controllers allowing a low cost without sacrificing features. Our AvStackPro provides COM1, COM2, NAV1, NAV2 and Squawk control and display. In addition you can also use the AvStackPro to interface to 5 Rotary dials (encoders) to control OBS1, OBS2, Heading Bug, Directional Gyro, Altimeter (QNH) providing a realistic experience. Whether you are using flight simulators for training, currency or as a "gamer" you will find the cockpit experience that AvStackPro provides a step closer to the real cockpit. Flight simulation hardware interfaces with X-Plane and we currently offer an Analogue (6 Pack) solution with a Radio Stack providing 2 COM and 2 NAV frequencies.

We also offer a Garmin G-1000 "glass" cockpit solution with both a PFD (Primary Flight Display) and MFD (Multi Function Display). Our Hardware provides all buttons and dials and overlays with your current monitor to provide a realistic cockpit environment for both training and entertainment purposes.

We hope that you will utilize some of the lessons provided on this site to fly your simulator as you would a real aircraft, we have provided some flight plans for both the United States (Western Region) and Australia. Have Fun and we would appreciate your comments and feedback.